Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, The Graham Group is an alliance of independently owned and operated industrial and investment management businesses that share in the common legacy of entrepreneur Donald C. Graham. As of year-end 2011, The Graham Group's three legacy industrial businesses, Graham Packaging, Graham Engineering, and Graham Architectural, collectively operated in more than 90 locations worldwide and generated approximately $3.5 billion in annual revenues*. The Graham Group has also spawned several independently-managed investment management businesses. First, Graham Capital Company manages a $1.5 billion portfolio of marketable securities along with investments in over 100 alternative investment funds for the Graham family, and also oversees the operating businesses and direct investment portfolio of the Graham family. Second, Graham Partners and Inverness Graham are independent registered investment advisors, which manage approximately $2 billion in committed private equity capital and co-investment funds, principally on behalf of institutional investors. Finally, Striker Partners and Graham Software Development are two additional Graham Group-related investment businesses, which are involved in a variety of investment sectors.

The following operating and investment management businesses share the Graham legacy:

* Graham Packaging is 100% owned by Reynolds Group Holdings Ltd.